• Mineral Veil - "Liquid Light"
  • Mineral Veil - "Liquid Light"

Mineral Veil - "Liquid Light"

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Perfect for the face and body, this 24/7 pearly reflective veil keeps skin looking radiant, energetic and youthful, any time of day.

Mineral Sheer Veil, is an evolution in mineral technology, it floats over the skin like "liquid light" to brighten and enhance like never before. Just one sweep transforms any skin tone  from dull to delicately luminous.


This High Tech formula of multi mineral complex, known for its light-reflective and skin-protective properties, help protect from further damage with a cocktail of anti-oxidants, including Vitamins A & E, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Ginseng Root Extracts and Glycerin. No fragrance, talc or other potential irritants.