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A new revolution in the reduction of a double chin, sagging knees any of those niggling fat spots.


“I have never met a patient who likes their double chin” says Tracey Bell. Up until recently in facial aesthetics it has been the most difficult area to threat.

Traditionally surgery may have been an option, with liposuction or a neck lift. Then there were threads, and skin tightening (ultherapy) but fat and double chins is immensely difficult to treat.

“Coolsculpting” has introduced a revolutionary machine; the “Cool Mini” which is capable of reducing fat by 20% reduction in a single treatment.

“Coolsculpting” is not a new method; for the past 6 years, it has been highly successful when used on the body. The technology actually freezes fat cells and using a term known as “cryolipolysis”

The introduction of a new adaptor especially for the chin was brought about after extensive research, exclusive research, clinical studies and patient demand.

Tracey Bell said “the introduction of Coolsculpting, will bring huge benefits to patients wishing to reduce fat in the chin area, tighten and define the jaw.


The procedure is simple, non-painful and permanent. Assessment and consultation are key, in producing the best overall outcome. The “CoolMini” has now been introduced at two Tracey Bell locations, Tracey Bell Liverpool, and Tracey Bell, Douglas, in the Isle of Man.

“CoolMini” is a registered trademark of Zeltiq. The technology is FDA approved in clinical results and efficiency.

The procedure is available for sub mental fat as well, as bra fat, knees and other areas.


For consultation call: 01624 613323


The CoolMini is simply a CoolSculpting procedure on a smaller scale in a more isolated area of the body, specifically on the double chin.

Utilizing a process called Cryolipolysis®, a CoolMini procedure targets the area under the chin to eliminate unwanted fat accumulation. There is no local anesthetic. The CoolMini applicator is simply clamped onto the troublesome area that is to be treated and the artic-level cold is applied over the course of one hour. The session is painless and you are free to read, browse through your phone, or nap while the treatment is in progress.

After the procedure the applicator is removed and you can go about your day. There is no need for days missed from work or any down time to recover from the procedure. The frozen fat cells will die and the body will naturally dispose of the dead cells. Occasionally, a second treatment a month later will be needed for optimum results. The best results will present themselves between one and three months after the final session has been completed.



Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. Two sessions may be required for the procedure to get optimal results. The second 60 minute session will be performed one month after the initial session. Results may begin to become obvious after three weeks, but the best results will not be viewed until one to three months following the completion of the session. Additional sessions will also be 60 minutes, spaced a month apart.


As with any procedure, side effects are possible, but tend to be minimal following the CoolMini procedure. Side effects can include, but are not limited to, temporary pain, mild to moderate swelling, temporary numbness, a tingling sensation, a mild burning sensation, redness, or bruising of the treated area. There have been instances in which nerve pain was felt several weeks following the procedure, but this has been a rare occurrence. Other patients have reported no significant effects after the procedure.

Within a few weeks, the treated fat pocket should begin to diminish in size. Typically, patients will see a 20 percent decrease in the area in the weeks and months following the procedure. More sessions will create more drastic results, but the reduction in the fat pocket for the basic two-session procedure is around a 20 percent decrease. As the results take time to develop, a reduction is not immediately noticeable to the patient.