• Medi Light - 30ml
  • Medi Light - 30ml

Medi Light - 30ml



Lighten and brighten your complexion with MediLight a potent serum to brighten dull skin and fade dark pigment patches. It is rich in botanical brighteners such as ancient liquorice root and lemon peel extract to gently diminish and fade away hyperpigmentation and sun &  age spots. No bleaches or hydroquinone are present just natural active skin brighteners to increase luminosity and L-arbutin and licorice root extract, which are tyrosinase inhibitors and inhibit melanin stimulation. Add to that L-lactic acid for increased cell turnover it makes MediLight an effective solution for skin with hyperpigmentation, sun and environmental damage. Your skin looks lighter, brighter and your complexion is luminous.


MediLight is recommended for hyperpigmentation, dyschromias, sun damage, age spots and environment ravaged skin.


Brightens and lightens the skin. Prevents future melanin formation. Antibacterial to help breakouts. Fights inflammation and increases cellular turnover.

Application Tips

Apply morning and evening on clean skin. For increased effectiveness prep skin with RadicalClean and RadicalSpin. MediLight is best used over six months for longer lasting results.

Key Active Ingredients

Licorice Root Extract
Lemon Peel Extract
L-lactic Acid
Grape Seed Extract
Spin Trap* antioxidant
Morus Alba Bark extract
Peumus Boldus leaf extract