• Illuminate - 8g
  • Illuminate - 8g

Illuminate - 8g



Use Illuminate to brighten & de-puff. This luxurious cream re-freshes cells and illuminates the delicate eye area. Blended with superior ingredients such as Perflurodecalin which is scientifically proven to carry oxygen through the layers of the skin, Eyeliss TM de-puffs, shea and cocoa butter moisturize and active ingredient Haloxyl TM activates the clearance of bilirubin (remnants of haemoglobin) and so reduces under eye dark circles. Jojoba seed oil softens and blocks the escape of water and vital gases and shea & cocoa butter provide a lubricating moisture barrier, keeping the skin supple and luminous.
This is a wonder product targeted at dark circles, fine lines and puffiness to give your eyes a real treat.
The results are smooth, de-puffed, brightened skin around and under the delicate eye area.


Illuminate is recommended for dark under eye circles, fine lines and puffiness

Application Tips

Apply gently with fingertips around and under the eyes morning and night. Can be used any time of day as an instant refresher *For even more outstanding results apply SkinScription DermaTox underneath which encourages Illuminate to sit more on the surface layer.


  1. Lightens under-eye skin, making dark circles less visible.
  2. Helps eye area skin look firmer and smoother.
  3. With regular use improves skin density, plumping up fine lines.
  4. Provides constant hydration and protects against moisture loss.
  5. Reduces puffiness.
  6. Smooths cools and refreshes.
  7. Creates a more youthful, beautiful appearance.

Key Active Ingredients

Shea and Cocoa seed butter
Spin Trap* antioxidant
Jojoba seed oil