Age Perfecting Mineral Makeup

Tracey Bell offers a full range of mineral cosmetics including mineral foundation and other mineral powders. Our age perfecting treatment mineral makeup are made from pure crushed minerals that contain no harsh chemicals, dyes or fillers. Mineral make up is not only gentle on the skin but infusion of vitamin A, C and E ensure that the skin appears luminous and flawless whilst making you look beautiful.

1. Natural
Mineral makeup looks natural and feels weightless on the skin.

2. Long lasting
Age perfecting mineral makeup has excellent staying power and is virtually water and sweat proof.

3. Sun protection
Our age perfecting mineral makeup contains a built in Spf within our makeup.
The beauty of age perfecting mineral makeup say goodbye to dull cakey foundation and enjoy flawless, light, brighter rejuvenated skin.

Made Up

We find out the secret behind a new cosmetics range created by international hair and make-up art ist Jon Mort and cosmetic dentist and aesthetician Dr Tracey Bell.

Before setting up his own consultancy, with many high profile clients specializing in cutting edge trends and catwalk glamour, Jon Mort was the national educator for Versace. As a freelance hairdresser and make-up artist Jon’s career led him to work on such productions as Wish You Were Here, TVam and Keeping Up Appearances. He has worked with numerous celebrities from film, TV and fashion including Helena Christiansen, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Hunter, Gary Barlow, Bill Cosby, Patrick Stewart, Patricia Routledge, Goldie Hawn and Barbara Windsor.
So when Dr Tracey Bell wanted to produce an exclusive make-up range, which could be used on all types of skin, regardless of age or sensitivity, she turned to him. The result is SimplyMineral, a make-up collection which can be used pre - and post - surgery and laser treatment as well as following chemical peels or microdermabrasion. It can also be worn by people suffering from conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis and excema.

“Some of these treatments leave the skin very aggressed and specialists usually advise against the use of make-up after treatment, but SimplyMineral has no contraindications,” says Jon.

The products contain ingredients extracted from raw minerals such as copper, gold and silica. Mica, a derivative of silica, is used to give eyeshadows and blushers a glamorous reflective pearlescent sheen.
“Some mineral make-up is made up of loose powders, which can be very messy and wasteful,” he adds. “So we sourced a company which could formulate pressed versions and also develop it one stage further by producing a liquid mineral foundation and tinted moisturiser. The products are completely hypoallergenic and contain no lanolin, fragrance, alcohol or fillers to bulk it out. It is excellent for all ages and skin types.”
The range also has a built-in sun protection factor (SPF) ranging from eight to 20 plus.
“It’s also beneficial to young skins,” explains Jon. “Too often teenage girls use products which are too harsh for their young skins. Some even borrow their mum’s foundation and it’s far too heavy and loaded with all sorts of extras which they don’t need on their skins. Kids need educating to SimplyMineral.”

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