How DermaTox became an overnight best-seller

If you’re serious about looking younger for longer, then investing a little time in your skincare regime is one of the easier and more affordable ways to plump up your skin and disguise those fine dryness lines.


Even a good moisturiser will make a difference. However, every once in a while a skincare product comes along which outperforms the rest, giving that much wanted ‘Botox in a bottle’ effect.


DermaTox EyeScription is one such product. Gently lifting and tightening your skin upon application, it will help to disguise fine lines and the visible signs of tiredness while inhibiting the muscle contractions in charge of facial expressions.


Beauty journalists were quick to see the potential of DermaTox, which is regularly featured as a must-buy, and this clever treatment product swiftly became one of our top sellers, a position which it holds to this day.      

About DermaTox EyeScription


DermaTox EyeScription is a spectacular focus product containing Syn®-ake and Argireline®, which reduce wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions in charge of facial expressions – similar to the muscle relaxing properties of Botox. Its high-octane formula is a combination of biotechnology peptides and heather extract, which inhibits the breakdown of skins elasticity. Soy peptides moisturize and banish free radicals and Dermaxyl® helps repair age related skin damage.
It’s an excellent topical treatment for fine expression lines, wrinkles and photo-damaged skin in the delicate eye area.
The results are smooth, repaired, firmed skin around the eyes. The eyes must have it!


DermaTox is highly recommended for fine lines, wrinkles, photo-damage, elastosis and aging skin.

Application Tips

Gently apply to the eye area morning and night or when necessary. For maximized results and firm bright skin around and under the eyes, apply underneath Illuminate EyeScription from the correct range.


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, especially round the periorbital or eye area. Firming, brightening effect. Relaxes facial lines including the deepest creases and furrows. Visibly improves the appearance of wrinkles. Dermaxyl produces a wrinkle smoothing, cutanious barrier repair. Visibly reduces crow’s feet and restores eye area firmness.


Key Active Ingredients

Syn®-ake, Argireline®, Dermaxyl®, Spin Trap* antioxidant, Soy Peptides, Heather extract, Cedar wood bark oil.


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