The New Natural Beauty

We’ve all spent money on products and treatments that promise to make us look and feel more beautiful, but what does modern beauty mean to you?

At Tracey Bell it means loving what you have and simply enhancing what you’ve got. In previous decades, if you wanted to enhance your smile, cosmetic dentists might encourage you to have your teeth capped, rather than pointing you towards braces and gentle teeth whitening treatments that would deliver the same transformation to your smile without damaging your teeth.  And if you wanted to look more youthful, you may have considered a face lift.

These days, there are a host of treatment options that will enhance your natural beauty and help you look more youthful without the need for invasive treatments.

After an initial consultation, our clients are often pleasantly surprised to hear that there are lots of fast, simple treatments and tricks of the trade that will keep them looking at their very best. For example, if your skin’s beginning to feel tight and dry as the seasons change, simply taking the time to cleanse thoroughly and moisturise with a product that suits your skin type will deliver noticeable results. We have our own Skinscription range, which includes skincare to suit all complexions. Just ask a member of our team to help you find the Skinscription products which are tailored for your skincare needs and invest a small amount of time every day to use them. Not only will your skin begin to feel smoother and softer and to look clearer, you may well notice that those fine dryness lines begin to fade away just by keeping your skin adequately moisturised. Applying a sun screen daily will also make a real difference to how your skin ages and, of course, if you’re a smoker and you want to look and feel younger, stop. The simplest of steps, such as using the right skincare, applying a SPF, drinking plenty of water, not smoking and keeping up with your appointments with your dentist and hygienist will keep your skin and teeth looking healthy without a big investment.

We also encourage our clients to try our mineral make-up range – it will give good coverage, but is so gentle that you can apply it straight after a treatment such as one of our famous facials without blocking your pores. So, if you want to look and feel more beautiful, remember our philosophy of loving what you have and enhancing what you’ve got. And, while it’s easy to be hard on ourselves in the quest for the perfect figure, complexion or smile, try to take a little time every day to acknowledge the things about your physical appearance that you love. Perhaps it’s your killer smile, your new hairstyle or the sparkle in your eyes. Yes, we all get caught up in the quest for perfection, but don’t let this blind you to the beauty you already have! And wanting to look beautiful shouldn’t mean beating yourself up over your perceived faults. So forget about asking your cosmetic dentistry or aesthetics team to fix your perceived faults and ask them to help you to bring out your true beauty instead. Still not feeling great about yourself? Why not take a little time to be kind to yourself by booking a relaxing, complexion enhancing facial, treating yourself to some indulgent new skincare or just relaxing for a while with a great book or magazine. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so the next time you’re looking in the mirror, try to be as kind and as positive as you are when looking at your friends and loved ones. We all have natural beauty – sometimes you just have to take the time to see it!